March 2018 Meeting

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It is NOW time to truly care about our union commercial work future. UW…cares! This “Big Meeting” will give you a sense of what the W&W process will feel like, if you choose to attend them, from both a rules n’ structure standpoint as well as its content. We want to both prepare you, hear you, while beginning to flesh out and clarify difficulties and specifics.


*Only SAG-AFTRA members in good standing can attend this meeting because only union members in ‘good standing’ can attend the real W&W’s. You must present your current union card at the door and please do not RSVP if you’re not ‘Current in Good Standing.’ Seating is limited to 50 and we start on time, so please RSVP sooner than later.


-Guest: 30 year veteran Commercial agent expresses his 3-4 key contract issues.
-Process: W&W + Plenary + Negotiating Committee + Final process, explained.
-Survey: Results of over 700 replies presented – key to member understanding and focus.
-W&W presentation of Contract negotiating elements + Q&A from attendee’s.
-Selfie “How To” video fun + Call To Action + Hats!