Calls to Action

Note: If you have very proficient or expert WordPress skills and would like to Volunteer 3-5 hours per week to assist the UnionWorking movement, please email,! Additionally, if you have specific well-thought out and research contract ideas then email them to, Thank you.

  1. Create a UW Selfie “Shout-Out” from one of the choices on our selfie page and post it everywhere with @UnionWorking. Click here for more on selfie shout-outs!
  2. Create a Twitter UW message tree – ask ten followers to follow and retweet UW who ask ten followers to follow and retweet UW who ask ten followers to retweet, ETC.
  3. Create a Facebook UW share tree – ask ten of your friends to join UW Facebook group and share our posts then have them ten ask ten ask ten, etc.
  4. Promote UnionWorking Monthly Meetings in your IG stories and on FB. Create Meme’s to do this.
  5. Attend the W&W meetings to contribute your proposals for the upcoming commercial contract negotiations! Keep an eye on for meeting dates.
  6. Watch the UnionWorking videos for information on how to strengthen our union and get more involved.
  7. Attend UW “Big Meetings” as well as SAG-AFTRA meeting, more than once. Don’t rely on social media sound bites or verbal cliff notes. Show-up and participate. Don’t let others make your career decisions.
  8. Buy a hat. If you have a hat, put it on, take a selfie and post it.
  9. Create an email list of five friends in SAG-AFTRA that you can let know about the big meetings.
  10. Reach out to (10) union actors who live in either: Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, The Carolina’s, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Denver, Toronto, Vancouver, etc., to follow/join UnionWorking on Twitter/FB/YouTube and IG.
  11. Find 1 UnionWorking video that resonates with you and share it with a friend or with your followers.
  12. If you haven’t attended a UnionWorking meeting or official SAG-AFTRA meeting in the last 12 months, commit to attend 1 meeting in the upcoming 12 months.
  13. Among your personal relationships with friends and family who works in The Business in any capacity besides that of an actor, pick 1 friend or family member and tell them about UnionWorking.
  14. Are you a member of another union besides SAG-AFTRA? Please “@” UnionWorking on social media when you post. We want to follow and support your union, too!
  15. Report actors working off the card to And if you’re a Fi-Core actor, working on a non-union set and discover there are actual UNION members working off of the card, report them.
  16. Research the history of unions, especially SAG.
  17. Introduce yourself to another union member. You are part of a brother/sisterhood.
  18. -Ask your commercial agent if they would share their thoughts on the increase of non-union work? Have a constructive conversation, without assumption or judgment, which can help us all build a partnership to join the fight for recapturing union work. UW wants to have effective input from our business partners.
  19. Attend an AdsGoUnion meeting at SAG-AFTRA and monthly UnionWorking meetings.
  20. If you see suspect non-union breakdowns at casting offices or online, send the info to
  21. If you recognize fellow union actors on non-union sign in sheets or at non-union auditions, report them to SAG-AFTRA
  22. Bring a friend or two to the next UnionWorking monthly meeting! Spread the word!
  23. Do your research on why NU work harms not only our UNION but the Actors that engage in it. Be ready to share that info with others.
  24. Our union is valuable in many ways try to find time in your busy life and schedule to participate and or volunteer in Union activities could be a one time thing once in a while or a regular effort.
  25. The flip side of that: really look into how your Union can help you more then share that info with others. My family just carved 15% OFF of our ATT/Direct TV monthly bill with a UNION discount by making a call and filling out the forms online.
  26. Ask a Celebrity you know to Help spread the word by making a quick phone video and sending it to UnionWorking.
  27. Ask ten of your friends who do not live in not in your area, but who live in Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Boston, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Seattle, Denver, Toronto, Vancouver, etc., to follow and join UnionWorking on twitter, facebook, and instagram. This is the simplest way to get our numbers up and have national reach and local impact.
  28. Ask your commercial agent if they would be willing to share their thoughts on the bleed to n/u work? How is this affecting their business? A constructive conversation will help them and you build a partnership that informs the fight for recapturing union work. Our efforts will be more effective with the help and input of our business partners.
  29. TALK about this effort with other actors, your casting friends, agents and anyone in advertising with whom you feel comfortable. Report back to UW or SAG-AFTRA recapture meetings. The strength and involvement of all is our best hope for stemming the tide of non-union work and getting it back!
  30. Show up at marches, sign petitions, and support social causes to create a more equitable society and show that “UNIONS CARE”.