“The bridge to positive solutions for all union actors.”

UnionWorking’s Mission Statement

UnionWorking is a grassroots effort to stem the tide of union busting that is now destabilizing our nation’s working families.

Born from entertainment industry unions that work and support each other every day, UnionWorking seeks to strengthen bonds with labor unions across the country and, indeed, around the world.

UnionWorking understands that together, unions strengthen America’s workforce and America’s economy to better position our workers and our nation in the global marketplace.

About UnionWorking

UnionWorking is a grassroots group of union members, for union members. But UnionWorking is not a union, and UnionWorking is not the union — not SAG-AFTRA, not AEA, not WGA. We are not the union, but we are members of these unions. We are joined together in a grassroots coalition to improve conditions for all workers, starting with the union members in show business. Join with us by following us online, listening to our podcast, or attending our meetings.