Vote 2020

UnionWorking takes pride in our non-political, non-partisan policy.

Nevertheless, this election poses not only the greatest existential threat to Labor Unions, but to our very Democratic Norms and Ideals. With that in mind, we present:

UnionWorking’s Aspirational Voting Guide for a Working America

Vote for the Candidates Who Will:

  • Serve Your Community.
  • Engage with the Opposition and Maintain an Open Dialogue.
  • Support Labor Unions.
  • Believe Workers are an Asset, not a Liability.
  • Fight for a Fair and Living Wage.
  • Save our disappearing Middle Class.
  • Put Workers before Corporate Profits.
  • Put Main Street before Wall Street.
  • Support Affordable Housing and Public Education.
  • Address Climate Change.
  • Fight for Human Rights.
  • Believe in Equality and Accountability.
  • Believe in Critical Thinking and Finding Solutions.
  • Exhibit Common Sense.
  • Find Common Ground.
  • Work for the Common Good.
  • Move Us Forward, Not Back.


UnionWorking Core


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