UW Workbench Theatrical W&W 2023 Study Guide

To our fellow SAG-AFTRA members
we present the…

Theatrical W&Ws 2022-2023
SAG-AFTRA members “Study Guide”


Errors and omissions are inadvertent and to be expected. C’mon, a bunch of actors made this. For corrections or additions, please contact UWWorkbench@gmail.com

From May of 2020 through November of 2022, two primary members (Matthew Jaeger & Kevin E. West) of the grass roots entity UnionWorking lead a group of tremendously dedicated working SAG-AFTRA members: Michelle C. Bonilla, Charlie Bodin, Natalia Castellanos, Jaclyn Chantel, Nicole Cyrille, Ben Dukes, Katrina Sherwood, Miki Yamashita, (and others who have come and gone throughout) to create this “study guide.”

For 30 months we have taken our collective experiences as working actors, members serving on committees, from our negotiation history, and compiled this document. It is in no way intended to be viewed as 100% comprehensive or right in its leanings, but rather as a ‘Cliff Notes’ guide to the CBA (Theatrical Contract) and the W&W process. The W&W’s, or Wages and Working Conditions, are the time when members are invited to come and tell staff and leadership what they think the Union’s priorities should be in the respective upcoming negotiation.

The 2014 SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical C.B.A. (Collective Bargaining Agreement), plus the 2020 & 2017 M.O.A.s (Memoranda of Agreement) plus the 2014 TVA (Television Agreement) totals more than 1300 pages. This document is only 45 pages and we urge you to read, engage and use this as you listen or participate with the W&W’s in your local. And, please share/forward via email to your entire SAG-AFTRA network of peers. “We are the union.”

@UnionWorking is a grassroots collection of nine primary members with hundreds of supporters nationwide. Our mantra: “The bridge to positive solutions for all union actors.”.

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