Candidate Answers – Abraham Justice

1) As technology continues to accelerate, what plans do you have to increase the union’s IT capabilities, especially as it pertains to staff allocation and member interface?
We should have a great platform for connecting members to the union and to the president himself with their opinions, ideas, concerns and challenges.
We should have our own IMDB, Amazon has no business to handle that.
We should improve I Actor and make it the main and the most important casting website.

2) Actor’s Equity recently held a vote on removing the dues cap. What are your thoughts regarding raising the SAG-AFTRA dues cap to match the rise of inflation since the number was set.
Of course dues cap must increase to match the rise of inflation, but before we do that also wages and jobs must increase.

3) Given the recent WGA/ATA talks and strike, do you have any plans to re-establish our own agreement with the ATA, and end the suspension of Rule 16G?
I will have to discuss that with members and experts before I make a decision.

4) During the last few years, a serious issue came to light regarding actors working “Off the Card.” and the disciplinary process. Given those findings and the LA Times article regarding the actions taken against Kip Pardue, do you have any plans regarding increasing the effectiveness of our disciplinary process and penalties?
Before we discus all the discipline and harsh punishment we should provide alternatives work opportunities and solutions.

5) Recently many members have received emails from casting sites informing them about price increases in services. Do you have any plans or strategy to ease the financial burden the proliferation of online casting sites and self-tape requirements place on actors? Wouldn’t it add value to our members if SAG-AFTRA could provide our own casting site and is that feasible?
We should improve I Actor and make it the main and the most important casting website.