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Thank you for creating a UW “Shout Out – Selfie Video”!

Disclaimer: You are choosing, of your own accord to shoot this content for UnionWorking and are granting permission for us to promote this video, your image and likeness via all social media outlets and in perpetuity. UnionWorking is not under any obligation to promote or use this video, the content is not for commercial resale and UW is not obligated to the provider of the video to remunerate any compensation. Thank you.

Shout-Out Selfie Video – Production Protocol

1.) Hold the camera horizontally in landscape mode.
2.) Lighting – Shoot in a well-lit area so we can see faces.
3.) Sound – make sure speakers can be heard over any background noise.
4.) Length – check the max video length for whichever platform you are considering, but keep it short.
5.) Smile, Don’t Squint – Deliver your message as if you are talking to a friend – always smile if appropriate to the subject matter & always be Union Proud!

Shout-Out Selfie Video – Content

*These are not in order of importance – simply pick the one that resonates with you the most.


“Did you know that SAG-AFTRA has almost 600 staff whose job is to help you, but they need your involvement and insight. The more of us who volunteer and take responsibility for our union, the stronger and more effective we are. Email and report for duty.”

“Union means experienced professionals, the best in the biz, collective bargaining, workers right’s.”

“For the last forty years, Worker’s wages have stagnated while Profits and Productivity have reached historical highs.”

“Labor is seen as a Corporate Cost to be cut while CEO salaries and Shareholder benefits have skyrocketed. We must fight against that.”

“Because I’m union – My kids were able to go to college.”

“Because I’m union – My kids get a good education.”

“Because I’m union – I have affordable health care.”

“Because I’m union – I have a pension.”

“Because I’m union – I’m protected on set.”

“Because I’m union – I have a silent partner in my career always watching my back.”

“Working union means you have the skill to both get the project done – and make it better.”

“Membership-driven unions are the strongest and the only way unions will survive today”

“An informed, active membership scares the hell out of Management. We must stand together to keep what those have come before us have fought and won. We must always fight the good union fight.”

“Union Solidarity respects the reality that union members before us have fought and died for what are now our rights, wages and safety standards.”

“I couldn’t tell you my drivers license number if you asked me…But I know my SAG-AFTRA Member ID, because I am Union Proud.

“I am my union and my union is me.”

“Collective bargaining is our only tool for change. Power in numbers and power in knowledge. I support unions for the common good of all workers. Unions are the collective voice of one powerful freakin’ force. Join the fight. Join a union. Your future is brighter when you join a union.”

“Unions are not self-sufficient and must react to technical, economic, and political forces outside themselves. Membership must inform Leadership of required and essential upgrades in order for our union to remain viable and active in the marketplace.

“We are SAG-AFTRA and the Membership drives changes by intelligently informing Leadership.”

“Union Membership drives change by informing Union Leadership, who work with Union Staff, to keep the union strong and running properly for us all.”

“Union = Professionalism = Value.”

“Full union status means experience, commitment to the craft, and a working knowledge of the industry.”

“Thank Unions – for overtime pay and a 40-hour work week. ”

“We need to change and improve the way we have always done things for the past 40 years or SAG-AFTRA will disappear”

“I still remember the day I joined Sag-Aftra, and I said: “Now, I’m a professional actor”

“Fair pay, health insurance, a retirement pension? Holler!”


“Help UnionWorking’s Non-Partisan Movement by supporting and promoting SAG-AFTRA’s health and progress foremost above any and all political factions impeding positive growth in our union. Union before Faction! WE ARE THE UNION – ALL OF US!”

“Come be a part of UnionWorking – and help us, help you, help all Union actors.”

“From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, follow UnionWorking and join the non-partisan solidarity movement. UnionWorking – the bridge to positive solutions for all actors.”

“The commercial marketplace is changing rapidly. Help UnionWorking to push SAG-AFTRA to upgrade ensuring commercials get produced and disseminated faster.”

“Commit to helping UnionWorking push SAG-AFTRA leadership to streamline the contract process and become more “user-friendly” to our Industry.


“A union actor who does a Non-Union job – is helping management hurt all union actors.”

“Working “off the card” just maximizes corporate shareholder benefits and encourages commercial production cost consultants to pay actors a non-living wage.

“Why give up your hard-fought union wages to a corporation or investor by working non-union-?! They don’t need the money, YOU DO!”

“Working union means you agree to the contract written by your fellow members. Working non-union means your fellow members’ commitment, knowledge, and hard-fought victories now mean nothing.”

“Working ‘off the card’ helps corporate brands improve their bottom line at our expense. Plenty of advertising money still exists – it just isn’t “trickling down” to working actors.”

“Corporations cut actor wages to falsely create more “profits”. The Corporation then funnel those labor cost savings straight to enormous compensation for CEO’s.”

Do you support Wall Street’s policy of downgrading a company’s stock if that company pays their employees a living wage? No? Then don’t work non-union.

“Choosing to go FI-CORE is exploiting your fellow actor and helping management break the Union.”

“Overexposure from non-union bookings will kill your possibility of booking a union job which pays residuals.”

“Non-union pay is not a living wage, and without residuals, a non-union ACTOR will have to book 8-10 non-union spots to make the same money…and without any protections.”

“Booking jobs is addictive, but a non-union addiction boasting about booking 6 spots only damages the future for all actors.”

“We all understand it is financially very difficult to make a living as an actor, but doing non-union work and working “off the card” guarantees that our labor is seen as a corporate cost that can be cut, thus destroying a viable option which can allow and has allowed us to make a living for years.

“Anti-Union factions have exploited the ‘Fi-Core’ Supreme Court Ruling:

-Fi-Core should not apply to SAG-AFTRA, but it is being used as a union busting tool against us.

-Fi-Core also destroys the present and future of Commercial Acting jobs which pay a livable wage and benefits.”


“Did you know that SAG-AFTRA members can save thousands of dollars per year just by using your union discounts and resources like the Credit Unions, Funds, and Foundation?”

“Did you know that SAG-AFTRA provides free Member Education programs; large-scale lectures, plus workshops taught by casting professionals, marketing experts, working actor teachers, headshot photographers, social media consultants and union staff?”


“Did you know…as a SAG-AFTRA member you can get FREE professional audition self-taping through the Los Angeles Conservatory? That’s right. Trained volunteer working actors – generously willing to help other union members.

“Did you know that in 2017 alone, the SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Conservatory expanded from 5 to 15 departments. Every union member, no matter what they do, now has a service, social, and educational home at our Conservatory. Check it out.”


“It has from the beginning been SAG policy not to pay its officers a salary. With the exception of other entertainment unions, this distinguishes it from every other labor organization.”

“The entire guild membership thus consists of workers who are likely at any particular time not to be working and who face the quite real possibility of never working again. This is the primeval situation with which SAG officers must live and it conditions everything they do and say…..”

“The fact that actors live in fear has had profound consequences for the guild’s history. The irony is that the stars need the guild far less than do ordinary actors. It is the ordinary supporting cast member who is powerless and thus needs the protection of a labor union.”