Presidential Candidate Town Hall

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Candidates Appearing: Gabrielle Carteris – Jane Austin – Matthew Modine

Answers to the (5) Questions All Candidates Received in Advance of the Town Hall

Send us your questions. (Questions will only be accepted electronically up to 6pm the day before the Town Hall. Keep in mind, you may handwrite a question at the Town Hall. Please arrive early if you’re planning to do so.)


Please read our Decorum & Policy guidelines before RSVPing for our Town Hall.


  • Each Candidate has been given (5) questions, in advance, which were procured through UW “Big Meetings” ahead of time and a total of 40-minutes stage time.
  • Each Candidate will have 15 minutes to offer their Opening Statement, an Event Moderator will read the pre-set questions in order and the Candidate will answer.
  • The audience, upon arrival, will be given an index card if they have an interest in writing out a question. The floor moderator will read a chosen question aloud and the Event Moderator on stage will assist while the Candidate answers.
  • Each Candidate will have 1-minute to answer questions from the floor and at the 40-minute mark the Candidate will exit the stage.
  • This event will NOT be live-streamed and there will be NO audio or digital recordings of any kind.
  • Town Hall ends promptly at 9:45.

UnionWorking is providing a Presidential Candidate Town Hall for the first time in either union’s history. This is, in its own way, historic. Please take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and spread the word throughout your Social Media network.

**UnionWorking recognizes Queen Alljahye Searles and Abraham Justice as National SAG-AFTRA Presidential Candidates as well, but, regrettably, due to time constraints and financial limitations, we were only able to invite the three candidates who have gained national attention and support. Nevertheless, if the (2) candidates listed above would like to answer our (5) presidential candidate questions in writing (maximum 150 words per answer), we will happily post their answers on our website after the UW Town Hall the morning 8/16/19. Thank you for your understanding.

The entrance to Caldwell Hall Gymnasium is on Hesby St. on the North side of the Church. The doors will open at 6:45pm, and the Town Hall will start at 7:00 SHARP.

Faith Presbyterian Church

PARKING. Please see detailed parking instructions above by clicking the Location/Maps link. There is (1) large parking lot, first come – first serve, and a ton of street parking on the surrounding side streets: Hesby, Addison, Otsego. Please plan to BE ON TIME!

Union Working would like to thank the nonprofit Village Arts for their support of the UnionWorking Town Hall!!