Do you know about all of the services?

The SAG-AFTRA Conservatory has (2) key leaders from UnionWorking in charge. Together, with the help of SAG-AFTRA, we have completely rebuilt the Conservatory from the ground up.

New benefits and new departments of value when you’re a SAG-AFTRA Conservatory member!!

There are now 15 departments as of 1/1/18 — up from just 5 on 1/1/17.

Theatrical – Commercial – Business – Improv – Voiceover – Social Media – Dancing – Stunts
Singing – Young Performers – Mindset – Social Events – Special Events – Background

Did you know about some of the benefits of being a Conservatory member?

-Open enrollment all year round.
-Only take one month off, May, so members can train before episodic season.
-Built a state-of-the-art Studio for taping
-Building a second one at HQ
-Expanding classes to HQ, not just AFI

-Created new education and community departments for every major constituency of our membership; from just Theatrical, Commercial, Improv, Special Events, Voiceover, and Young Performers, we’ve added Social Media, Social Events, Singing, Dancing, Stunts, Mindset, Business, and Background.

-Set new teaching requirements and standard for Conservatory Teachers – proven expertise in the field they purport to teach.

-The Conservatory is now responsible for vetting all teachers and presenters of Member Education for SAG-AFTRA LA Local
-Instituted a strict no-pitching policy, prohibiting teachers from using class time to sell our members on their private studios, products, or services. They can share their outside work if asked and after class, but we’re moving away from the Conservatory being used as a place to intentionally exploit our membership for personal gain.

-For the first time in Conservatory history, we are offering On-Camera Audition-Style Prepared Reads for specific genres: drama, single cam comedy, and multi cam comedy.

The Conservatory is also building a volunteer army of members serving members in classes and services that make a difference. Volunteers are needed in areas such as:
-Producing Assistants for every class and department of union education.
-Assisting Victoria Hoffman, the Conservatory Program Manager, in the office.
-Self-taping, as readers or camera operators.