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“They’re trying to turn actors into a 3rd world economy so that they can stay home and not have to travel to cheaper labor countries.” -Jim Connor

UnionWorking is a part of the burgeoning Labor Rights Movement. We are not out to Change The World, but we are fighting to save our little part of it. Our fight against the non-union destruction of our Industry is bigger than just us. Our actions to preserve our Union will maintain wages and working conditions for all workers, because Unions set the Standard of Living for All Workers, Union and Non-union.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is the voice of UnionWorking, an independent group of union actors. UW views and opinions are independent and while some, may be shared by the SAG-AFTRA leadership and staff SAG-AFTRA was not involved in any way, with the creation of these opinions.

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UW/Union Credo

-Union = Professionalism = Value. Union actors make a production more efficient, make a better product, and therefore worth the cost.

-Yes, SAG-AFTRA has problems, but it is up to the MEMBERS to fix the Union, not abandon it.

Membership drives and informs Leadership. Unions who followed the “top-down, leadership dictates to membership” model have become extinct.

-Honor Global Rule One: Only accept union work as union members. Do NOT work OFF THE CARD. To be a good union member, pay your dues and don’t work off the card. Collective Bargaining, Strength in Numbers, Don’t victimize yourself and damage your fellow peers by working OFF THE CARD.

-We are the Union and the Union is only as strong as its membership. When we support each other our Union is strong, our wages go up. Working off the card weakens our position and our wages go down.

-While 50% of SAG nationwide is in Hollywood, we need all union members to get on the UW train. We are the Union, not the people in the offices at 5757 Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA.

-Union members employ the staff and the staff cannot enforce what the membership doesn’t require.

-With the state of healthcare in the U.S., union insurance provides virtually unrivaled care for you.

-Union workers set the standard of living for ALL WORKERS, even non-union workers. Without unions, the standards for wages and workplace conditions go away.

-Multi-National conglomerates and corporations want unions to disappear so they can cut our wages, benefits, and workplace safety standards. Don’t help them hurt all workers by working non-union.

-Achieving union status means experience, commitment to the craft, a working knowledge of the industry and it means you agree to the contract written BY MEMBERSHIP.

-Being a UNION member means our collectively bargained negotiations will be honored, union wages will be paid, working conditions enforced and an eventual retirement pension earned.

-Working UNION means you have the skill to, not only get the project done, but to make it better.

Off The Card

-UnionWorking has joined the WeSeeYou campaign started in early 2018 by over 400 SAG-AFTRA Stunt Performers, Singers, and Dancers. WeSeeYou is identifying violators of GLOBAL RULE ONE.

-UnionWorking strongly believes that the non-unionization of our commercial industry over the last five years is a major threat to the healthy future of talent agencies, entertainment unions, and our community as a whole. You’re lowering everyone’s wages when you work, OTC. WeSeeYou.

-UnionWorking is reporting union performers working “Off The Card” to the #AdsGoUnion hotline of the Sag-Aftra Commercials Organization and Recapture Initiative (C.O.R.I.). WeSeeYou.

-Union members, who choose to work “Off The Card” whether claiming to be Fi-Core at the audition or are simply scabbing for work, WeSeeYou. From 1/1/17-12/31/17 approximately 62 actors have been caught (1 per week) and brought before the disciplinary review where they face substantial fines and even expulsion through the Sag-Aftra C.O.R.I. #AdsGoUnion effort. Technology is making it easier than ever to catch violators. WeSeeYou.

-UnionWorking will report union actors auditioning for non-union productions and working “Off The Card” on non-union sets. Non-union commercials, appearing on television or the Internet, will be checked against Sag-Aftra P&H to determine union status and catch violators. WeSeeYou.

-SAG-AFTRA representatives, not affiliated with the member-driven WeSeeYou, will also be visiting non-union production sets throughout your city.

-UnionWorking appreciates the mutually beneficial relationship between agent and client. Together, we have weathered the daunting changes in our commercial industry over the past few years. We know, as agents, you care deeply about your clients. However, if you’re suggesting, encouraging or engaging in your clients working “Off The Card”, WeSeeYou.

-Additionally, UnionWorking does not understand, nor accepts, commercial agents who advise their union clients to go Fi-Core, and therefore, WeSeeYou as being part of the problem and definitely not part of the solution. There is no future in non-union work – for any of us. Please do not allow your client’s short-term financial situation to ruin their long-term goal of success as well as your own.

-UnionWorking knows that living standards for all workers. Only Union work provides a sustainable living wage, health benefits and workplace protections.

-UnionWorking believes we are stronger as ONE. Help us keep our industry healthy and viable for all.

Selfie Shout-Outs

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Did You Know

The Conservatory

1. Expanded the Curriculum from 5 to 13 departments, giving every constituency of the union an educational, creative, and social home. Those departments include: theatrical, commercial, business, improv, voiceover, young performers, singers, dancers, stunts, mindset, social media, social events, background.

2. Expanded Conservatory to two campuses with new state-of-the-art camera studios: The American Film Institute (AFI) and SAG-AFTRA National Headquarters.

3. Extended the school year. The Conservatory is now open year ‘round, and only dark the month of May.

4. Free self-taping services by trained volunteers launched Spring 2018. Saturdays 12-5pm. Email to set up an appointment.

5. Begun inviting High Profile Guest Teachers, unpublicized and unannounced, to come surprise teach classes. Guests this year so far include Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Modine, Emilio Estevez, and Martin Sheen. Many more guests scheduled.

6. Begun producing table reads for Conservatory members in collaboration with WGA writers, the Black List, and top Industry Story Executives.

7. Created a Producing Assistants program to incorporate more volunteers, provide our educators with support, and provide third party witnesses for all classes and events.

8. Established vetting system and now require professional qualifications for all LA Local Educators.

9. Begun offering on-camera Audition-Style Prepared-Read (ASPR) classes for the specific genres of network TV drama, single camera comedy, and multi-camera comedy.

10. Enrollment is now open all year online at website for $45/year, which includes first-come, first-served access to all Conservatory classes and events and inclusion in the database utilized for AFI student film projects.

Commercial Info

Commercial Actor Survey

UnionWorking is a group of professional, SAG-AFTRA commercial performers that have started a grassroots effort to increase union commercial production and ensure quality, working-class wages for on-camera and VO commercial performers.

Our goal is to collect statistical data and ideas from fellow working performers to present to SAG-AFTRA before the next Commercial Contract negotiations begin. This survey is 100% anonymous and your opinions are important to us, so please be honest.

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